Tips and tricks to become a successful fashion blogger in 2017

fashion blogger

Welcome to my blog, you are here because you were searching the tips and tricks to become a successful fashion blogger in 2017.We have given the details of top fashion websites of 2017 and also some tips to become a successful fashion blogger.

Fashion is a vast field and most of the bloggers love to work on the fashion trends. First of all ,we will talk about the best  fashion websites 2017 . Then we will discuss , how to become a successful fashion blogger in 2017.

Fashion blogger

The filed of fashion is a devastating field and it demands different changes day by day .Fashion always follow the latest trends that effect the whole world. In this situation , only those websites or blogs become popular or successful that follow the latest trends. It should follow the latest fashion trends with latest web design and SEO tricks 2017. In order to create the best blog of fashion and become a successful blogger one must follow some tips and tricks.

How to be a successful fashion blogger?

Keep it in your mind that the main object of any fashion blog or website is to keep the viewer busy and engaged with your blog.The fashion blogger should provide the best experience to visitor so he should wish again to visit that blog.

Here are some tips to become a good fashion blogger in 2017

1.Make a unique and creative website for fashion. The design should be compatible with top fashion blogs. For this purpose a blogger should visit the top fashion websites off and on.

2. Fashion blogger must follow the latest 2017 fashion trends in order to survive in the fashion blogging and industry.

3. He or she must cover the all topics regarding its blog. For example, if working on hairstyles , one must give details about all haircuts and hairstyles. It should cover it for both men and women .

fashion blogger

4. A fashion blogger must stay up to date with latest fashion news and celebrity trends as well.

5. Using the best images and pictures with high quality resolution will make the blog more impressive.

6.The fashion blogger must know the all tips and tricks of local SEO and Search Engine Optimization SEO.

7. The fashion blogger must have good accounts and profile building on some good social media platforms.

8. A fashion blogger should create good back links on the best and top fashion blogs and websites.

9. Fashion blog completely rely on the visuals and images. So content must be followed by relevant images.

10. Giving the alt tags and good captions on images can make them viral.

11.The navigation of home page must be very clear and proper for convenience of users.

Best Fashion Websites 2017

fashion blogger

Here are the top fashion website and blogs for 2017. 





Top Fashion websites 2017


fashion websites

Knowing about the risks and damages of black hat SEO techniques

black hat SEO

Most of us know about the SEO but the term “black hat SEO” is new for many bloggers that refer the wrong tactics and aggressive techniques for quick SEO. Therefore , it doesn’t follow the guidelines of search engines and as a result, it has to face a lot of damages as risks.In the black hat SEO , some people try to catch organic traffic with wrong ways to their website . In this process, they totally disobey the search engine.

Here are some common black hat SEO techniques that are risky for your site.

Tips to select the best picture on the internet for your blog post

best picture on the internet

Here we are going to tell some effective tips to select the best picture on the internet for your blog post. If you are a blogger or a social media marketer in both situations you need some best picture on the internet. The SEO trends 2017 have been changed now and people mostly like to see the best images rather than reading a lot. This is because the blog post goes viral due to beautiful images and its captions. To find the best images 2017 and best picture on the internet 2017 here are some tips below. 

 Best picture on the internet

1.Search terms

First of all, You must specify your search terms in order to select the best picture on Google. For example, if you are going to search the best picture Oscar 2017 then you will write the same term in the search bar. Like if you want to select the best picture of the world then you can specify the topic or area here. When you are going to search the best picture on Instagram then you will write the same term.Your search terms will be like the best picture on the internet Reddit, best pictures on the internet Facebook, Twitter etc.Same as if you have a funny blog then your search term will be funniest picture internet. You can also search the Worst picture on the internet same in this way.

2. Search Tools for images

After specification of Keywords here come the Search tools for images. Here you can write the proper size for images. If you want an icon then you will write it here. You can easily write your required image size by searching it here. You can get animated, gifs and colors also in this image search tools. Selecting your required image through the search bar will help you in getting the perfect image for your blog post. The image search tools on Google are as under

best picture on the internet

  1. Size

    Size tools help to select the proper size that we required in our blog post or article.

  2. Color

    The color tool helps to select the required color for the post.

  3. Type

    Type tool helps to select the type of image required.

  4. Time

It helps to select the best picture according to the time zone.

  1. Usage rights and some more tools 

These tools help in understanding the using rights and some more important things to the image.

best picture on the internet

3. Image Editors 

Now, you have the best image you wanted but in order to personalize it, you have to do some effort on it.You can do it on Online image Editors and also image editor apps on your mobile or laptop as well.

Best image editors 2017


best picture on the internet

By using these photo editors, we can not only make our photos attractive but also very unique. After writing some captions and giving it proper color it can become viral on the internet. There are also some options to make your image PNG or JPEG. Moreover, these photo editors also help in making the animated or GIF images as well.


Top SEO tips 2017 and tricks that will be trending this year

SEO techniques

The year 2017 is about to start and it is expecting some more strong  SEO tips 2017 and tricks. All webmasters and bloggers need to give serious attention to the SEO keeping in view the challenges of the new year 2017. What will be the SEO tips 2017 and tricks in the 2017 year let’s have a look on this?

SEO is the key to success in online work and business. The key to success in online work is to get in touch with the latest trends in SEO SEM. SEO tips 2017, SEO trends 2017, SEO techniques 2017 and SEO Tricks 2017 these are all the same things.  Here are the main techniques we need to follow in 2017.

SEO tips 2017

SEO Top SEO tips and tricks 2017

Quality and density of content

The first and the most unstoppable trend of SEO in 2017 is the best quality content. The content will remain the king of SEO in this year too. The unique and user-friendly content will be the guarantee of a good rank of websites. The density of content will be the major trend in 2017.

SEO techniques

Strong Social Networking

This will be also very important in 2017. No, a site can get good ranking in search engines without good and strong social signals. There are a lot of platforms for social media. Good relationship and networking with all these sites will guarantee the good Social media marketing for the next year.

SEO techniques
Link Juice of strong backlinking

This year SEO will still focus on the quality backlinks. The link juice of site will give it the best page rank, The interlinking of the site is also important in this regard.

SEO techniques


  Good Bye to all Spamming and Black Hat SEO

We have to say goodbye to all Spamming and Black hat SEO techniques in 2017. As, according to the new policies and strategies, search engines will discourage these spammers with strict hands. There is no place for black marketing and SEO in 2017.

SEO techniques



How to use the Best infographics to boost your SEO in 2017

Best infographics

SEO is not only to fill your website with content stuffing but now you need best infographics to boost your SEO in 2017.The old days of SEO have gone now and today one of the best SEA strategies is to provide the quality best infographics to your audience and users.

 Best infographics 2017

Just a simple infographic helps in building the many other links on the search engine.In these days, infographics are one of the most shared and appreciated the content on the web. The best infographic has a chance to get viral on social media as well.

Best infographics
Infographics make the complex data very easy and it makes the content easy for all. It inspires the users due to its design, story .color scheme, and shortness.

Best infographics

No , doubt every picture tells a story but sometimes the attractive pictures with some impressive words tell an excellent designing .

Best infographics

It seems that the best infographics are created simply in some Photoshop tool but actually the making of an effective and best infographic is not very simple. Anyhow there are a lot of online tools and websites that offer the free designing.