Making money on Amazon as Affiliate is the best online work in 2017

affiliate Amazon

Making money on Amazon is quite simple as Affiliate Amazon is an easy and successful way to make money at home because Amazon Affiliate program gives the best opportunities to make extra money easily. Affiliate Amazon becomes very successful within months if he follows the directions properly as it is one of the most popular ways in 2017.Making money on Amazon is very attractive opportunity from home.
We can say it that making money as affiliate Amazon is one of the best online work in 2017 due to many reasons.
First of all, have a look at the Amazon Affiliate program.

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning through a marketing system in which the online retailer gives commission to another website for selling the items from its reference or traffic.

affiliate Amazon

Amazon Affiliate program 2017

Amazon Affiliates is one of the oldest and famous online marketing programs. It is the first affiliate site that has the vast record of helping the other bloggers and website holders. Many online bloggers earn money by selling Amazon products and items.The Amazon offers at least 15 percent of commission on the sale of their product.

How to make money with Amazon Affiliate program 2017?

Create good traffic to your website

Find and give relevant products to promote

Use relevant keywords

Share links on social media

Promote special discounts

Use buttons and images linked to Amazon products

Become an Affiliate with Amazon and make money online simply 

So if you want to do some good work to make extra money at home then join today Amazon. You just need a relevant website to promote the Amazon products. After selling the product through your website you can make a good amount while sitting at home.

affiliate Amazon

Some useful tips to make money with Amazon Affiliation 

Select the best and profitable micro niche

Use proper and targeting keywords

Link the product in your content

Link the product in your images

Always  Link to again and again

Give promotions in your social media links




Social media marketing Tips 2017 to make money at home

social media tips

Here we will discuss Social media marketing Tips 2017 as social media has become a good platform to make money online from your home. There are many ways to work on different networks of the social media industry.Here we will describe some easiest ways and Social media marketing Tips 2017 to make money at home.

Sell your Writing skills

You can make money from Facebook, Twitter if you have good writing, editing, and grammatical skills.Simply you have to set up a small business profile page on your blogs and social media networks. You can get an amount to sell your writing skills through these social media sites. Moreover, set up a business page on your social media websites and start charging for your skills and work from home.

social media tips             Social media marketing Tips 2017

Online Educational Services

If you are an educationist and having the abilities to teach and guide the students through online tutorials then you can earn a lot for this service.  You can make an account on different social media networks to sell your services. You can easily develop an online teaching network and earn a lot.

Sell Your Product through Pinterest

If you have any small business then you can get a lot of benefits very easily. You just need to Create an account and getting engage in people by pinning your photos in the attractive way to sell your product.

Create an Online Instagram Shop

You can earn easily from Instagram if you have something that is attractive for users. You can easily set up a shop by connecting the service to bell sell to your account on Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become an essential part Search engine optimization of any website or blog. Many Business Companies want to sell their products through social media marketing and for this purpose they need to pay some social media expert. In this way, you can also earn a lot through social media.

social media tips

Monetize your own YouTube Channel

You can easily make a YouTube Channel and can earn a lot of revenue from Google Adsense by monetizing your videos. Google offers two types of Ads like small banners and True View, you can choose any option according to the content of a video. Monetizing the YouTube Channel is an easiest and interesting way to earn a lot of money from home.

Become an Affiliate of Amazon

You can also earn a lot by joining Amazon Affiliate program. If you sell any product of Amazon from the link provided by Amazon then it will provide you a good percentage of every sale.

social media tips

Promote Your business

You can promote your business or products on Social media. For this purpose, you have to make popular and promoted posts. This service is available on every network of social media.This promotion costs a little but gives huge rewards.

Social Media Trainer

Social media marketing has become a great business. If you are an experienced social media person then you work in social media. You can teach persons about working on social media.

How to promote your website by increasing organic traffic faster

how to promote your blog

Here we are going to discuss how to promote your website by increasing organic traffic faster as building organic traffic is one of the difficult tasks.If anyone tells you that building organic traffic is easy, don’t trust him. Getting organic traffic for your blog or website needs huge of time and effort from your site. How to promote your website or How to promote your blog let’s find the answer.

What is meant by Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic means getting the traffic your today’s content tomorrow, next month, next year or after many years. Building traffic to your blog or website is not impossible. There are many good ways to get the organic traffic gradually. We are telling here some things about how to increase your organic traffic and how to promote your blog.

How to promote your website

Write the best content

If you want to increase the organic traffic to your website then the most important thing is to write the best content to attract the visitors. Great quality content gives you a better rank and gives organic traffic. This is the content which everyone likes to have on their blogs and want to share with other ones.

how to promote your blog

Choose low search highly paying long tail keywords

If you will go with the highly searched keywords then the competition will be very tough as everyone is running behind them. You will have to suffer for many months to rank your site in this competition. Instead of spending your time for that high competition go after the low competition and long-tail key phrases and keywords. Long-tail keywords resemble the actual user need and search so long-tail key phrases give good results and traffic with low competition.

how to promote your blog


Write Consistently and regularly


It is also very important to keep your blog updated regularly. The frequency of your posts and updating the blog on a regular basis is very helpful in getting the organic traffic for your blog or website. All search engines like the sites that are updating frequently. Consistent and regular updates maintain returning visitors. This becomes a good signal to boost organic traffic.

how to promote your blog

Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is also a very useful way to get organic traffic to your site. It gives you a chance to exposing of your content to a new audience. You will also enjoy the value of the traffic from a high authority site. You should always guest blog on websites that are in your own niche. You should promote your guest post in the same way you post for yourself.

how to promote your blog

Stay away from black hat SEO


If you want to get good organic traffic then you should stay away from cheap strategies of getting backlinks for your site .Never build cheap links per pay for inbound links. Don’t overuse the anchor text. Never publish low quality , copy or stolen content. Always publish useful and best quality content.

how to promote your blog

Building organic traffic is hard, difficult but not impossible it demands your true time, honesty, effort, and energy. In the end, you will get more organic traffic than any shortcut or any easy way ever will. Keep it in your mind that hard work gets the best results.


10 Simple and easy SEO writing tips : how to write SEO friendly ?

seo writing

How to write SEO friendly is the very important question in 2017 as every website owner or blogger wants the high ranking in Google now. This ranking is not possible without SEO writing or good content. No one can succeed in this field without following some SEO writing tips for SEO friendly content.

                          How to write


Writing  good  content leads to more shares, tweets in social media networks like Facebook, twitter and sends  good visitors to your site.You can do a little effort to make your content SEO friendly. Writing this content is not the difficult or complex thing. You just have to follow some simple Writing tips for SEO friendly content.

Simple and easy SEO writing tips

Writing tips

1.Always think before start writing. You must clearly know what is the message of your writing and what you are going to deliver to your readers through your content.

2.Always write down the  structure of your post. You should start your post with an introduction paragraph to grasp the attention of the readers.

3.Always try to write in the paragraph to make your content easy for your audience.

4.Always use headings to make your content so friendly and attractive for search engines.

Simple Writing tips for SEO friendly content
  How to write SEO friendly

5.Always write useful and engaging content for your readers.

6.Always write short but complete and to the point article.

7.Keep updating your blog or website on regular basis.

8.Choose your keywords wisely and don’t mess your blog post with too many keywords.

Simple Writing tips for SEO friendly content

9.Always optimize  the images in the article for good Search Engine result and ranking as well.

10.Always Proof Read Your content  before Publishing it in your blog or elsewhere.After following these simple writing tips, you can get the attention of good and targetted visitors towards your blog or website.  It is not difficult, only it needs passion, intention, and perfection by the writer.


Easy , simple and quick ways to get 1st in seo Google search ranking

Google search ranking

Here we will tell you some easy, simple and quick ways to get 1st in SEO and on the first page of Google search ranking because everyone wants to have his blog or website on the top Google search ranking. Become 1st in SEO with these tips. It is not an easy but you can make it possible by following these steps.


In order to increase the rankings of your blog or website in Google.You need a high-quality blog or website with completely unique content. Give full focus on the uniqueness and quality of the text. It must be unique and with correct spelling and grammar. Never post duplicate content on your site. Always create new and unique content for your blog or website.

1st in SEO

Appropriate images

The selection and usage of quality and appropriate images are also very important for getting good rankings. Google rank always content with matching images.

 Google search ranking

Use best  keywords

If you want to get good ranking in Google then you must always use best and highly ranked keywords. Use these keywords smartly and never overload your text with the keywords. You can also add descriptions for pages and images as well that will help your rankings to grow.

Create quality Backlinks 


Backlinks are the backbone of ranking. You can get backlinks When another blog or website links to your page. You can get backlinks from blog commenting, guest posting, forum posting and from many other ways. Try to get good backlinks from the related sites.

 Google search ranking

Get strong signals from Social media

Google appreciates Facebook and twitter likes and shares in this time more than ever with subjects that are relevant. You should create social media accounts and try to get good likes and shares on your pages.

 Google search ranking

Update your Blog or Website regularly


If you want to get the top rankings in Google search engine then you must regularly update your site. Google always rewards those sites that are being updated regularly. If you will ignore your blog and site for a long time then you cannot get ranking on Top of the Google. You can easily update your site by posting regularly on it.

 Google search ranking
Use Google Trends

You must check regularly the Google trends to know about the latest trends and changes in the topics and niches of the web.After following these steps regularly, you can get on the first page of Google easily.