What are top 10 search engines and why people use it ?

What is a search engine and why people use it ?
What is a search engine and why people use it ?

A search engine is a tool of the web that helps the user to find information on world wide web about any query they want to know , What are the Top 10 search engines and why people use it? The search engine is a platform where people search about their queries and get information at one place.

Most reliable, popular and famous top search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN as well. Search engines work through automatic applications of software. These applications are called robots or spiders. These Bots travel from link to link and from one site to another.

 Top 10 search engines

What is a search engine and why people use it ?

There are many search engines that use different methods and ways to create results for the search. Every search engine uses different complex mathematical formulas to generate search results. The results of any query displayed on Search engine result page SERP. In simple words, SERP is the result of any keyword or query search by the user.

What is a search engine and why people use it ?

During this process, search engines collect Page title, description, keywords, H1, H2. After this, it gives the ranking to different results. Top ranking on different search engines could be different. Search engines also go through updates and revision throughout. Search engines like the site with is based on HTML and CSS. The more the website will be simple the more its ranking will be higher.

What is a search engine and why people use it ?

Search engines play an important to give the ranking to any website. That’s why for good SEO of any website or blog it good ranking on a search engine is very important. People mostly use Search Engines in order to Research anything , getting ideas about fashion or Entertainment as well. If someone wants to do the SEO of website then he must know the likes and dislikes of search engines. One must clearly know what people want to search mostly. So keep knowing the moods and updates of search engines if you want to do the SEO . You could never be able to know about “What is SEO” until you know “What is search engine”!


Top SEO SEM Tips 2017 to get higher ranking in search engines


Here we will tell you top 10 SEO SEM tips 2017 to get higher ranking in search engines but before that, you must know the difference between SEO SEM. SEO means search engine optimization and SEM means search engine marketing.

Simply, SEO is a part of SEM because it covers the whole marketing of search. Anyhow the purpose of both is to improve ranking in top search engines.

    SEO tip 2017,SEO 2017,SEO SEM tips 2017


Keyword Selection

selection of proper keyword is the most important tip for Seo and sem. If you will not select proper keywords your ranking will not improve.

Quality Backlinks

The second tip to get the good ranking is to create quality back links for your site.

Super Ad copy

If you are doing paid marketing then your Ad copy must be very extraordinary. It should clearly mention your goals.

Google Penguin three algorithm

To get good ranking all webmasters should focus on the Google penguin three algorithms.

Page Rank and SEO

To get good results in ranking the PR and SEO should go side by side.

More focus on mobile

To get good results from SEO and SEM we should more focus to improve the mobile search performance. Recently, Google announced to create a new index for mobile separately.

Content writing still the king

SEO SEM still depends on content writing for getting the higher results. Content is everything still to grow more and more.

Video Advertising

For good SEO and SEO, we should focus more and more on Video advertising as well.

Get reviews quickly

In order to improve your rankings, you need to get the reviews quickly. If you will not get the review of your work you can’t grow anymore.

In further articles, we will learn about What is a difference between SEO and SEM?





SEO Copywriting 2017 tips that every blogger needs to know

SEO copywriting 2017

You are here because you were searching the SEO copywriting 2017 tips that every blogger needs to know. Without learning the SEO copywriting 2017 tips you can’t succeed in the field of blogging. Before knowing about the SEO copywriting tips we should know the following terms as well.

What is SEO?

What is SEO? The word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process to getting free, organic and related traffic and ranking from top search engines like Google, bing. yahoo etc. SEO is a process to gain the good ranking and attention by search engines. This process is not easy one have to struggle a lot to achieve the good ranking and traffic. SEO of two types off the page and on the page. Both are important to get the good ranking.

The meaning of Copy Writing?

Copywriting is like a writing but it is done purposefully to promote any brand or product.In this process, a copywriter writes the content that is written to increase the popularity of special product or brand. He focuses on the sole purpose during writing the quality content.

What is SEO copywriting?

The SEO copywriting is different from simple content writing or copywriting. In SEO copywriting a writer writes special content having some key phrases or keywords. The writer focuses to write the high-quality content for the special micro niche site or to get it rank higher in search engines. The SEO content writer focuses on getting the targetted traffic. The SEO content is easy, simple, user-friendly and search engine optimized.

SEO copywriting 2017

What is a difference between simple copywriting and SEO copy writing?


The main difference between SEO copywriting and simple copywriting is a Keyphrase.


SEO copywriting importance

SEO copywriting not only makes search engine happy but it satisfies the user as well. The user gets the best content while searching for the specific key phrase. The search engines rank the best content with that specific term searched by any user.

SEO copywriting 2017 tips:-

  • Remember, the best SEO is the great content itself so always try to give the best content to users and search engines.

  • Try to write unique content

  • Content must be user-friendly

  • It must be clear and simple

  • Content must grab the attention of readers

  • Using good links always in ranking higher

 SEO copywriting 2017


Do we need SEO copywriting training in 2017?

Yes, almost all writers and bloggers need this SEO copywriting training in 2017 for many reasons.

1.If you seek for content writer job, first of all, they see the SEO copywriting skills in you.

2.You can not succeed in blogging if you are not writing good SEO content.

3. Without optimized content and key phrases your blog will never rank in search engine at good places.





Niches and blog topics that are famous and profitable for 2017

What is SEO and how to learn SEO in one day
What is SEO and how to learn SEO in one day

Here we are giving some niches and blog topics that are famous and profitable for 2017 that will help you if you want to start blogging.For the purpose of profitable business  or just to have a good experience then you must choose a good niche . Selecting a perfect niche is a most important thing . Choose the best blog topics before going in the tough world of blogging as well as online money making , marketing, and business as well.

5 Top and best SEO tricks 2017 that’ll boost your search traffic


We have discussed it many times that what is SEO and what are its strategies now here we are going to discuss the best SEO practices and best SEO tricks 2017 that’ll boost your search traffic.The increase in search traffic is very important for a site rank as it gives more clicks to the site. SEO is important because all search depends on a keyword or query.What are the SEO tricks 2017 let’s find? 

SEO tricks 2017


best SEO practices

The first practice that is very important is SEO check-up of your site. It will tell you about the positive and negative aspects of your site.You need to improve these mistakes and warnings for a good result.

Secondly, Try to make and grow your social media account. Social media is the greatest source of your site traffic. There are a lot of popular social media platforms that send high traffic to blogs.

Secondly, try to make and grow your social media account. Social media is the greatest source of your site traffic. There are a lot of popular social media platforms that send high traffic to blogs .

best SEO practices

Joining LinkedIn, Facebook and Google groups are also a good source for traffic generating.

The design of your blog or site also plays a key role in SEO for your site. If you have a unique design it will boost your site within months.

Link building also one of the best strategies for so that makes your site more authentic and sound. Use effective and trustworthy link building for your site.

best SEO practices

The site should be mobile friendly and responsive as well. Google is going to penalize the sites that are not mobile-friendly.

If you want to double your site traffic then use the power of infographics. It has great potential to make your site grow fast.

best SEO practices


Always try to find a trending topic to write on it. It has more chances to catch the visitors . Also, make it sure to write fresh content that is more appreciated by Google. These are best SEO practices but these are not easy. You can double your traffic by using these strategies.