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Right now Get paid to click and read adverts on your mobile as making money online  has become the most common trend in this era. Most of the people earn cash from homes through many ways.The most interesting and easiest way to make money at home is from mobiles now .

Facebook is losing his power according to the experts as FB shares rates became low

Facebook shares have peaked as social media has become 'zero sum' game

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media websites but recently Facebook shares going to be peaked it is because social media is becoming Zero sum according to the experts. According to the fact sheet prepared by thirty-eight analysists of Facebook.They have a buy share now that is disappointing .

According to the CNBC PRO, they found in the research of Global Equities that the shares of this social media site have become ‘zero sum’ game.

Facebook shares peaked

Facebook shares have peaked as social media has become 'zero sum' game, says analyst

Social media – ‘zero sum’ game, analyst

The  analyst found that the shares ratio is very disappointing on FB .It shares fell to seven percent .The company has the lower revenue growth rates in this last quarter of 2016. They also told that more investments needed in the coming year. The expert told that being the peak of FB stock and it was the only way to go ahead . Unfortunately, the shares fell as seven percent in this week.The shares peaked due to the saturation in the social media condition and situation.

The expert , Trip Chowdhry expressed this warning  through  an email to its clients .He added that Social media is now entering to the zero sum in the term of economics. He told that the 3rd quarter of this year keeps the highest importance due to US elections and Olympics 2016 both are going to be held at this time .

“Social media industry is entering the zero-sum economics,” he wrote.

The analyst cited how the third quarter was a “once-in-a-lifetime event” for traffic levels as both the 2016 Olympics and the presidential election campaign were in the same period.


Why the blog and business infographics are necessary to grow your work in 2017

business infographics

Business Infographics are one of the most impressive ways to promote your business and blogs as they are more than a charts or picture . We are giving here some best business infographics for the best marketing of your business or blogs . These business infographics are not only the charts they actually describe the full story of your business with data, graphics, and some illustrations.

Some amazing and unique ideas for SEO and social media costumes for Halloween

social media costumes

Halloween is being celebrated globally in which people prepare different costumes and makeup and if you are a blogger , SEO or SEM expert then you can find here some unique ideas for  SEO and social media costumes for the Halloween.

 Facebook launches live streaming for Celebrities


The famous social networking site Facebook now got into live streaming. This feature will show up in the News Feed of people using Facebook the live stream of the celebrity you follow. The purpose of Facebook live stream application is to engage celebrities with their fans.The fans can comment on the live streams of their celebrities like musicians,  actors  and athletes as well.


The users will also get a notification about the live broadcast then they can like comment or share the video of live streaming as well. This Mentions application is very simple for  celebrities. They can start  a live stream just after the tapping the Post button in the app and  selecting Live Video. They are able to add a small description for the video and hit go live.


Celebrities will also be able to use  their phone’s cameras with Meerkat and Periscope. They will be able to know how many viewers view or commented on their videos.The most interesting feature is that Videos will be saved to the Facebook Pages of Celebrities.

A Facebook live video feature was is a remarkable edition in  social networking.This is a simple solution for celebrities to engage with their fans. The Facebook director of platform Deborah Liu described that  more over 3 billion videos are watched by different users daily. According to Vadim Lavrusik, product manager for Facebook Mentions told that  countless celebrities with verified accounts use Facebook Mentions application daily. ,

According to some sources Johnson from “The Rock”, Martha Stewart, Michael Buble  and Serena Williams will be live through the stream on Wednesday. Facebook Mentions app is entirely helping to promote the feature of thousand of celebrities.