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5 Top and best SEO tricks 2017 that’ll boost your search traffic


We have discussed it many times that what is SEO and what are its strategies now here we are going to discuss the best SEO practices and best SEO tricks 2017 that’ll boost your search traffic.The increase in search traffic is very important for a site rank as it gives more clicks to the site. SEO is important because all search depends on a keyword or query.What are the SEO tricks 2017 let’s find? 

SEO tricks 2017


best SEO practices

The first practice that is very important is SEO check-up of your site. It will tell you about the positive and negative aspects of your site.You need to improve these mistakes and warnings for a good result.

Secondly, Try to make and grow your social media account. Social media is the greatest source of your site traffic. There are a lot of popular social media platforms that send high traffic to blogs.

Secondly, try to make and grow your social media account. Social media is the greatest source of your site traffic. There are a lot of popular social media platforms that send high traffic to blogs .

best SEO practices

Joining LinkedIn, Facebook and Google groups are also a good source for traffic generating.

The design of your blog or site also plays a key role in SEO for your site. If you have a unique design it will boost your site within months.

Link building also one of the best strategies for so that makes your site more authentic and sound. Use effective and trustworthy link building for your site.

best SEO practices

The site should be mobile friendly and responsive as well. Google is going to penalize the sites that are not mobile-friendly.

If you want to double your site traffic then use the power of infographics. It has great potential to make your site grow fast.

best SEO practices


Always try to find a trending topic to write on it. It has more chances to catch the visitors . Also, make it sure to write fresh content that is more appreciated by Google. These are best SEO practices but these are not easy. You can double your traffic by using these strategies.
























































Why we should use high pr social bookmarking site list for SEO?

social bookmarking site list

Social bookmarking is very important thing for SEO as every website needs good traffic and rank that is not possible without social bookmarking 2017 so here is some best social bookmarking site list. This is not possible without submitting your site in High PR social bookmarking sites. Because we need targeted traffic to our website and this becomes possible with proper submission in high PR social bookmarking site list 2017.

It is an effective way to advertise your site because a lot of people visit daily these social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking site list 

If you can make a proper campaign on social bookmarking, lot of people will be attracted to your website.

The most important thing that people come to your site for the content they need. There are plenty of social bookmarking sites which have very high rank in search engines.


Social bookmarking is a wonderful and powerful tool for SEO. Before submitting your site to any social bookmarking site check its rank.If this is good in rank then it will send you unlimited traffic. Adding your website to high or social bookmarking sites give you many benefits.

It helps in ranking your site at the good level. It helps in sending targeted traffic to your website.

Moreover, the links from these bookmarking sites are s are also considered as powerful backlinks to your website Backlinks created from social bookmarking are more natural that help in improving your ranking.


When we add our site link to any bookmarking community it means you get the backlink to your site. This is also very good practice to write about your website.

By doing this practice your blog will become more prominent in top search engines.


social bookmarking site list

What is Google Page Rank and why it is important to know for beginners

google page rank

Google page rank is just like voting some links as more important than others because it is a system of Google to count links votes then determine the best pages.Google Page Rank is very important for any website or blog as it plays the vital role in many search tools on the web. PR values every web pages for its uniqueness and quality as well. Google has to rely on millions of webmasters who daily submit plenty of links on their blogs or websites. Google Page rank 2017 is determined by the quality of content, quality of work and continuously.

Google Page Rank values every web pages for its uniqueness and quality as well. Google has to rely on millions of webmasters. Most of them daily submit plenty of links on their blogs or websites. Page rank is determined by quality of content, ranking ,quality of work and continuously

Google Page Rank 2017

google page rank

Google determines the value of every blog or web page with different techniques. The Page Rank is its main system which tells about the sites voted as the best for giving the best information to the user.

How to rank in google?

This process is done across the web.This method by Google helps in improving the performance of any web page.

Google toolbar for page rank helps to know about every web page.PR term is used for the Page Rank in the terms of Search engine optimization.Page Rank is simply a source that tells us about the value of a page.

google page rank

On the other hand, it is also considered that getting a link to high PR websites in your web page. Meanwhile, It will help to improve the rank of an individual as well.
When we talk about ranking, it is far bigger term than Page Rank . Search rankings are produced by many factors.In these factors, Google page rank is also included.Moreover , Page Rank tells about the importance and relevancy of a page . It is one of the key factors of ranking a site like some other ones. Through Page Rank, Google tells about the best pages.

What is SEO and how to learn SEO in one day?

What is SEO

Here we will tell that What is SEO and how to learn SEO in one day as SEO  has become the most important need of every Website and blog at this time.To learn and understand Search Engine Optimization, you must make it clear that it is not a one time process and it needs constant efforts and struggle.

What is SEO?

Here are some simple tips and techniques for proper SEO of websites and blogs.After reading this, you will be able to know what is SEO and how to learn it.

1.Long Term Commitment

You should make it clear that Search engine optimization is not a onetime process and it takes strict commitment and long-term struggle.

what is seo
2.Needs Patience

The results of SEO appear after months so it needs the patience to bring your site or blog on top of search engines.

what is seo

3. Learn SEO

If you want to bring your blog or site on top rankings of search engines then you have to become a student of SEO. Learn it properly from the basics there are a lot of resources on the net.

what is seo

4.Have a good Niche blog or Website
Make your blog or website on the most important and most demanded topics and niches of the web.

5.Google Analytic

Link your site to Google Analytic to get daily information about the daily traffic on your site or blog.

what is seo

6.The web Master Tools
You should add your site to Google webmaster tools to know about the different tools to improve your website.7.Site Map of your site
Make a sitemap of your site and add it in your site route and webmaster tools.

what is seo

8.Use of Keywords
The most important step for SEO is a content with proper and highly searched keywords. You can search keywords from different keywords sites like Google’s Ad Words Keyword tool.

what is seo

9.Use a Catchy Title 
After searching the keywords, the most important thing is to write a unique and catchy title for your page and add meta description about the page on every page of a site.

what is seo

10.Write Unique Content
Always write unique and interesting content to attract the users to your blog or site.

what is seo

11.Link Building
Link building is also a key factor for bringing your site on the top of search engine. Add your site to Yahoo, DMOZ or some other directories Give detail of your site in social bookmarking sites that are also very important to bring your site on the top ranking of search engine.

what is seo

12.Use press releases
You should also make some press releases to promote your blog. The press releases can be a strong link building technique.

what is seo

13.Social media marketing
Social media marketing is also the very important method for the proper Search Engine Optimization of a blog. Join Yahoo answers, Google plus, make, facebook, twitter, and flicker to get social signals for your site or blog.
what is seo

14.Use multiple traffic sources
You should use the wide range of traffic sources for you Google can bring seventy percent traffic to your site.All these tips will help to grow an audience to your site and bring it to the top of search engines.After learning and following these tips, you will be able to know what is SEO and how to learn it in one day.

what is seo


How to make fast money online in 2017 : Easy and real ways

what is seo

Everyone wants to make money online from home to fulfill his or her requirements even a student, the internet, a mother or a father. How to make fast money online in 2017? it is the question of every person now. is not difficult but it needs some effort and skills. You have to search well on the internet to find the suitable work for you. Mostly while search internet, we have to face scamming as well. Because there are many persons who are cheating through the online fraud.
How to make fast money online in 2017 let’s see.

Here are some ways to make money from home.

How to make fast money online in 2017?

Blogging 2017

It  is the most interesting way to make money from home. If you work on your blog properly and regularly then you can make at least 1,00,000 of it. Before starting a blog search about your interest and expertise .

make money online

Paid Surveys 2017

This is very simple work and needs no special expertise . But it is very difficult to find a right place for it. If you find some trusted work then you just have to answer online.

make money online
Freelance Writing 2017

Freelance writing is also very simple to work to make money online from home. There are many sites that need the services of the good writer. You will be paid according to the project.

make money online
Reviews Writing 2017

This is also very simple but effective way to make money from home. You have to write the reviews of different products.

make money online

Video channel

You can also earn money from making interesting and informative videos on YouTube.

make money online
Data entry Jobs

This is also the very simple way to make money .It needs no special expertise. It takes 4 to 6 hours daily.

make money online
Ad posting Job

This is also an online work that needs no special expertise but takes 6 to 8 hours daily.

There are many other ways to earn from home but it needs good research before.

make money online